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We hope to answer all of your Questions with concise up to date Information. If you have a specific request, please E-mail us for more information.       
Who is the Founder of Hapkido?
While Choi Young Sul is the Father of Hapkido, Ji Han Jae coined the phrase.
What is Hapkido?
Hapkido is a Korean Art Of Self Defense. Soon a Book will be Published on Hapkido and its History in 2001.
Who is the Korea Hapkido Association?
This is the Original name of the KHF, while the name in Hangul has not changed. The English name has, to the Korea Hapkido Federation.
Who was the First Elected President of the KHF?
Ji Han Jae
Who is the Current President of the KHF?
Oh Se Lim
What is a Kwan?
This is a school, most often a Style of Martial Arts. There are over 76 styles of Hapkido recognized by the KHF. Some Kwan's existed prior to 1945, but did not receive KHF recognition until later years.
What is the difference between Kwan & KHFCeritification ?
While a Student may be Certified by his or her Kwan, to become an Instructor the student must additionally apply for KHF Testing & Certification. To verify contact this KHF Site.
What does the KHF require for Certification?
That the Kwan or Organization meet or exceed their minimum requirements for testing & certification. Additionally that they are a current member in good standing with the KHF.
How do I become a member of KHF?
Contact us for more information.
How can I train with the KHF?
The KMAIA supports training trips to Korea, as well as a Yearly Instructors Course in the US, with Korea's Top Grand Masters.