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About The Korea Hapkido Federation
    The Korea Hapkido Federation is the Only Organization recognized by the Korean Government, dedicated to the preservation of Traditional Hapkido. The word Hapkido has forever changed the world, having evolved from many different names (Hapki, Yu Sool, Yawara, & more). There are now over 76 systems recognized by the KHF. Each owes its Legacy to Choi, Young Sul the father of Hapkido. Many have misunderstood the Hapkido Legacy, as it has been presented out side of Korea. Due to the misinformation, writers have simply repeated information that was incorrectly translated. We will be publishing an accurate History on Hapkido in 2001. Simply there is only one organization recognized by Korea for Hapkido and that is the Korea Hapkido Federation. Having formed in early 1960, they were originally named The Korea Hapkido Association. Many organization have been formed, linking their History to the formation of the KHA. Separating later to form other association such as The IHF of Seoul, S. Korea, The Kido Hae of Pusan, S. Korea, and several other small independent organizations. At this time Ji, Han Jae was elected president of the Korea Hapkido Association. This was until the early 1980's when Ji, Han Jae resigned and Oh, Se Lim was elected president. In the middle of the 1980's a decision was made to rename the KHA To the KHF. Setting it apart from other organization that were attempting to use the name. Their is only one Original Korea Hapkido Association and it is still strong and alive today as The Korea Hapkido Federation. The KHF members have represented Korea in Olympic competition, competing in Judo & Taekwondo. Having won Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Hapkido prevails not only as a winner in Self Defense, but also in competition. The KHF has annual competition for its members in both individual and team competition. For Traditional Hapkido The Korea Hapkido Federation is simply the only choice.